Frequently asked questions

Do I have to put my credit card in when booking an appointment?

Yes! This is my business not a hobby and this is required for the cancellation policy. Credit card is required to hold your appointment but you can pay anyway once your at the studio. (Cash is preferred) Please respect my time and my policys. Thank you so much!

Do my nails need to "breathe"?

No! Nails are made up of dead keratin cells just like your hair. They do not have lungs, they do not need to breathe, but they do need to be taken care of properly. Nails get all they're nutrients from the nail matrix. Removing anykind of nail product from your nails the correct way makes all the difference. If you pick or peel your nail products off they will look and feel think because you just peeled off layers of your nail with it.

What is Japanese Gel?

This is the type of gel products I exclusively use. Japanese gel is a professional soft gel product that is very high quaility. It is 100% gel with no solvents like regular gel polish (Example: OPI, Shellac, Gelish etc). They are Vegan-Friendly, Toxic Chemical Free, Cosmetic Grade. They are made in small batches and not mass produced, further establishing them as one of the most professional gel products on the market. It also promotes nail strength. It is made to last on nails for up to a month or more. Highly Durable and Long Lasting Yet Easy to Remove. Expect your nails to last!

What is Gel-X?

Gel-X extensions are specially formulated, soak-off gel tips that ensure long-lasting, three-plus weeks adhesion to a natural nail. It's a fast and easy system that allows for removal to be simple with the use of just acetone.

Do you offer classes?

I do! 1 on 1 classes are available to anyone interested in learning Gel manicure and Gel-X techniques. Please contact me directly if you are interested in a class.


What to expect when visiting Britt With The Brush?

A clean, thorough experience. This is a studio salon experience so you get my undivided attention for your entire service. I take my time on each client so you never feel rushed. I make sure you love your nails! I try to educate clients on natural nail care and products. We also like to laugh and have fun! I specialize in premium gel products and I don't use regular polish at all in my studio. I do offer pedicures, but gel polish pedicures.